The Arizona Lifestyle


Saturday morning in March. The reason we live in Arizona!

Today I spent a beautiful Arizona morning sitting by the pool reading the Times. My table was set with my favorite red and white Hermes china, and a colorful bowl of Czechoslovakian hand painted Easter Eggs. The eggs, which are incredibly fragile, were my mothers and always had an important place in her living room.

Sitting at my table on this quiet morning, it occurred to me that this lifestyle is attainable to anyone. Many of my clients and my friends tell me that they have beautiful china, silver, crystal, and accessories, but they are packed away and only used twice a year. Some say, not even that often. They tell me that they “don’t live that way.” As if one should be in a ball gown or tuxedo to use beautiful things. I use all of the pieces that I have. They make me happy.

Each of us has the right to joyful living. And “living well is the best revenge”. One doesn’t need to be swimming in cash to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. Enjoy simple and beautiful things. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Use the china, the silver, the crystal. Invite your friends – cook, have fun!

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