Ralph Lauren Design: Central Phoenix Project

The Central Phoenix Project by Robert Burg Design achieves its signature look with furniture accents by Ralph Lauren Design. This 4,000 square foot home blends traditional, elegant design with thoughtfully designed touches.

The bedroom is a centerpiece room. It features crisp, white bedding, a black sleigh bed, and French doors that lead to the outdoor patio. The room has a symmetrical structure with matching side tables, floral accents, and lamps. Burg chose beautiful Ralph Lauren side tables to create a classic and sophisticated look. Ralph Lauren has been creating clothing since 1967 when he first opened a necktie store under the brand “Polo.” Since then, he has risen to worldwide fame in the fashion world and his home design collection is celebrating 30 years of success in the design industry.

Ralph Lauren Design for the Home

According to Ralph Lauren, he “designs for the home the way he designs for a man or woman, with the same attention to detail and the same eye for what is beautiful and unique.” The home collection can be summed up as timeless and traditional. With a patriotic undertone, Ralph Lauren Home offers designers pieces from a lost era such as mahogany butler’s trays and decor.

Ralph Lauren furniture pieces are traditionally and skillfully made. According to the New York Times Style Magazine, Lauren once said, “A commitment to craftsmanship and the hand of the artist creates a spirit of beauty and quality.” With that in mind, this designer seeks out artisans from all over the world to shape and create his home line. Companies such as Jean-Francois Lesage from Chennai, India and Joshua Ellis and Co. Ltd. from England work to transform Lauren’s pieces into meticulous works of art through embroidery and fabrics.

Ralph Lauren design evokes tradition and nostalgia for a simpler time. The Wall Street Journal notes, “when you’re buying Ralph Lauren, you’re buying (the) myth he’s selling.” Robert Burg draws upon these same values with the use of Ralph Lauren design. The Central Phoenix Project exudes pride of craftsmanship, belief in timeless style, and a commitment to design excellence.

Integrating Ralph Lauren Design

Ralph Lauren Design pieces are timeless and classic, with a contemporary sensibility. Interior designers integrate these pieces to create a traditional environment with contemporary touches.

Robert Burg used Lauren’s side tables as accents in his master bedroom in the Central Phoenix Project. With these simple, yet sturdy furniture pieces, symmetrically arranged, Burg keeps the room clean and fresh. The glass tops create a light and airy feel to a space. The crossed table legs offer visual interest without taking up too much space. The table color adds further visual interest in the room as it contrasts against the sleigh bed. Burg styles the tables with sleek lamps and understated floral arrangements to provide a consistently clean look to the room.

Ralph Lauren is also known for his iconic and comfortable bedding. Designers often use Ralph Lauren duvet covers, sheets, and pillows to make a master bed stand out from the rest. The Seville Duvet is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary with an artistically painted paisley design in black and white. An interior designer can build upon this design, adding brightly colored pillows, and even textured throws.


Ralph Lauren design is traditional and sophisticated. Robert Burg draws from the world’s greatest artists, designers, and artisans to create his signature looks.

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