Maya Romanoff Walls: Riverwind Project

The use of wallpaper in home décor goes far beyond than the days when it was just hung in your grandmother’s living room. It has the power to change the mood of a place and when it comes to Maya Romanoff wallpaper, the entire space becomes more stylish, elegant, and beautiful.

If you prefer to use something creative, classy, and textural on the walls of your home, Maya Romanoff has the perfect collection of wallpapers for you. The designer uses materials like inlaid shells, crystals, and plant fibers to create uncommon art. Hand painted and hand crafted, his chic wall coverings are an absolute stunner, creating lavish designs for interiors.

Aphrodite - Maya Romanoff Entry - Riverwind Project - Robert Burg Design

Mother of Pearl Aphrodite Wallpaper

In the Riverwind project, Robert Burg chooses to use Maya Romanoff’s Mother of Pearl Aphrodite wallpaper in a natural pearlescent color. It adds just a bit of iridescence and texture, but in the neutral color it’s not overpowering. It’s used here in the entryway by the elevators. Through the glass doors it is particularly stunning as the diamond pattern in the wallpaper is mirrored in the doors. This can also be used as an accent wall in contrast with darker tones to really highlight the pattern and brilliance.

Ajiro - Maya Romanoff - Robert Burg DesignAjiro Diamond Wallpaper

The Ajiro Diamond wallpaper is made of micro-thin pieces of Paulownia wood, a sustainable hardwood. Using it on the walls will create a warm textural interest in the room inspired by nature.

Due to its diamond-like geometric patterns, the wallpaper looks modern and suits any contemporary space. Ajiro is designed to be flexible suitable for wrapping columns and turning corners of a space.

In this image, the subtle pattern of the wallpaper adds volumes of style to the place. It would make a great accent wall in a bedroom on the wall behind the headboard of the bed.

Tremolo - Maya Romanoff - Robert Burg DesignTremolo Hand-Painted Vinyl Wallpaper

The contemporary styled Tremolo wallpaper is the combination of Roger Thomas’ design and Maya Romanoff’s execution. Metallic pigment is applied by hand in layers over the embossed vinyl base. The textural surface, which is tinged by exotica and a bit of glitz, is effective in creating a stylish atmosphere.

Tremolo hand-painted vinyl wallpaper will be ideal for the walls of entry hall, the sidewall of living room with block windows, or commercial spaces like luxurious hotels.

Braided Hemp - Maya Romanoff - Robert Burg DesignBraided Hemp Wallpaper

The Braided Hemp wallpaper is made from Lokta paper woven with hemp fiber handcrafted by artisans without the use of chemicals or machines. It is completely eco-friendly as it is free of formaldehyde and heavy metals and made of rapidly renewable materials.

This textured wall covering will be perfect for any living room with any setting. The henna color Braided Hemp wall covering (as featured in this picture) radiates a rustic feel while the navy version of it would look fantastic with a more traditional study with wood and leather. Because the texture is so subtle, it is an amazingly versatile wall covering is suitable for settings of different styles, where texture, warmth, and contrast are needed.

Beadazzled Blue - Maya Romanoff - Robert Burg DesignBeadazzled Leaf Wallpaper

Maya Romanoff is known for his amazing wall coverings. His experimentation with glass beads lead to this Beadazzled Flexible Glass Bead Wall covering collection that looks like a crystal or rhinestone studded wall. This Beadazzled Leaf wallpaper has opulence with metallic leaf brushstrokes in it. The gold leaf gives it elegance while the glass beads make it sublime.

The majestic appearance and style has made this wallpaper a piece of art. A touch of this wallpaper will make an everyday space sensational. Imagine the impact in an entryway or a master suite. It certainly adds a lavish grandeur to an interior design.


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