Luxury Design in Scottsdale

Welcome to the Silverleaf Project, luxury design in Scottsdale, Arizona! The entrance is distinct with its Spanish Colonial influence. Swirling walkways saunter around a grand fountain.

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The moment you enter this 11,000 square foot home and guest house, you will experience the luxury and comfort of this beautiful residence. As you move through the rooms, you will sense elegance and sophistication, welcoming you into each space. Each has their own unique story to tell, drawn together by a common theme of the home.

Majestic curved wooden doors open into intimate eloquent spaces. Hints of history are laced with sumptuous décor. Velvety walls embrace the room in warmth and comfort. Specially selected colors, prints, and textures delineate each room.

Form and function are brought together seamlessly with great attention to detail. Comfortable, refined spaces lend themselves to easy living and entertaining. Indoor opulence spills out into the outdoor spaces where Arizona weather can be fully enjoyed.

Iconic furnishings from George Smith and Michael Taylor add style and distinction. Bergamo fabrics fill the rooms head to toe with richness. Bold modern art defines each room and adds that personal touch. Architectural details are highlighted to fully appreciate this exquisite home.

Every element is personally chosen and carefully composed to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowners.

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